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Current advisories

Updated: May 27, 2020 - 10:00am

The health and safety of our passengers and employees are, as always, our top priorities. VIA Rail continues to closely monitor the development of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and we remain in close contact with ?public health agencies and the federal and provincial government.?

To support the ongoing efforts to limit the propagation of COVID-19, ?VIA Rail has implemented changes to its services which will be in place until further notice, in light of recent recommendations of the public health authorities across the country reinforcing the importance of social distancing. To facilitate social distancing, seat assignment has been?cancelled.

VIA Rail also extends the suspension of the operations of the Canadian (service between Toronto and Vancouver) and the Ocean until November 1, 2020. The Prince Rupert-Prince George-Jasper service will also remain suspended until?July 5, 2020, due to continued infrastructure issues.

For more information regarding all the efforts and measures?being deployed by VIA Rail with regards to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), click here.

Overview of cancellation and changes?to our services*

Please refer to your specific route below?to be informed of the latest details regarding modifications to our onboard services, additional cleaning/disinfecting measures, as well as train cancellations. The information below regarding cancellation, schedule changes and added stops are subject to change without notice : The most up-to-date schedules are available when booking your trip on

Food?and beverage service on board: ?All passengers will receive a complimentary snack and water. No other food or beverage service will be offered and passengers with food restrictions are being asked to plan accordingly.

In an effort to continue to implement measures and to modify guidelines and processes for COVID-19 during these times VIA will no longer accept cash for ticket sales transactions on board trains and in all stations.? Customers boarding at stations or en-route will be asked to pay for tickets using credit or debit cards depending on available technology.


*This information is subject to change without notice.



Carry-on baggage assistance temporarily suspended - no checked baggage on most routes?

In light of the current circumstances related to COVID-19, effective immediately and until further notice:

  • Carry-on baggage assistance offered by employees is temporarily suspended on all trains across the network.
    • Note: we will exceptionally continue to offer the same level of assistance to passengers with disabilities and/or limited mobility
  • Checked baggage service is temporarily suspended on all routes with the following exceptions: Sudbury – White River, ?Prince Rupert-Prince George-Jasper ?and Winnipeg - Churchill.

Our cancellation policy

If you choose to change your travel plans, we understand. We’ve extended our cancellation policy to include all travel through November 1, 2020, to allow you to cancel your reservation at any time?prior to departure?and receive a full refund in addition to not incurring any service charges, regardless of when you purchased your ticket.?If you would like to cancel your trip for a full reimbursement, click here.

You can cancel your reservation at any time prior to the scheduled departure and receive a full refund in addition to not incurring any service charges, regardless of when you purchased your ticket. This includes all travel up to and including November 1, 2020, as well as any travel after November 1, 2020, if their outbound train is on or before November 1, 2020.


How to receive your refund if you wish to cancel your trip?

1. Autonomous reimbursement procedure

In order to expedite refunds, as of now passengers can cancel their upcoming trips online themselves without incurring service charges under the following conditions only:

One way trip:
The scheduled departure time has not yet passed and is no later than November 1, 2020.

Round trip or multi-segment trip:
As long as first trip segment’s scheduled departure time has not yet passed and is no later than November 1, 2020 all segments will be refunded, even if additional segments fall after November 1, 2020.

Note that partial cancellations are not possible online.

If you would like to cancel your trip for a full reimbursement .

2. Refund - Automatic

For all cancelled trains mentioned above, VIA Rail will automatically reimburse passengers who have a one-way ticket. If your ticket includes an additional segment (round-trip or multi-destination) whose date falls after the train cancellation dates, you will be contacted by VIA Rail in order to let us know if you wish to cancel only one part or all of your trip with us.

IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of requests currently being managed by VIA Rail, we encourage you to use the self-cancellation service (if available to you), in order to speed up the processing of your reimbursement. Due to the high number of passengers affected, we cannot currently estimate the time it will take to process requests.

More Info

In order to be able to help as many customers as possible, we respectfully request that you contact our VIA Customer Centre only in cases of immediate urgency, at 1-888-VIA-RAIL (1-888 842-7245), TTY 800-268-9503 (deaf or hard of hearing).


The health and safety of our passengers and employees is our top priority.

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